Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to Tradebiit ApS (hereafter Tradebiit) and all customers (hereafter Customer) unless otherwise agreed in writing. It is always recommended to read over the Terms and Conditions, which are here to help us all. If you have any questions, please always feel free to give us a call, or email us at support@tradebiit.com.


Subscription terms and fees

The Customer subscribes to the services provided by Tradebiit on a month to month basis, and is at any and all times able to cancel the further commitment to the subscription valid from the end of the month where the notice is received by Tradebiit. Tradebiit is obligated to cancel requests for payments at the end of the calendar month where the services have been cancelled by the Customer. The Customer may cancel the continued services directly from his account or in writing. Should the customer cancel the agreement in writing, this cancellation is not valid until Tradebiit has sent a notice of acknowledgement, which Tradebiit is obligated to do immediately upon receiving the cancellation notice.

Tradebiit may adjust the prices for services at their sole discretion. All prices are in Euro unless otherwise stated. Tradebiit is obligated to inform customers at least 14 days in advance.


Terms of payment

Tradebiit will charge a monthly subscription fee. The Customer acknowledges that payment is necessary for activation of next month’s services.

In cases where Tradebiit and the Customer agrees in writing on an invoicing model, Tradebiit will invoice the Customer on a monthly basis. Invoices shall be payable within 14 days from the invoice date. Tradebiit shall be entitled to charge interest from the Customer if payments to Tradebiit is past due. The interest shall accrue from the due date until the actual date of the payment. The interest rate will be set by Tradebiit under the applicable laws of Denmark.

If the Customer has not paid the amount due Tradebiit is entitled to immediately discontinue the services.



The Customer is solely responsible for the user content that the Customer creates, transmits, displays, usse and/or distributse, and it is solely the responsibility of the Customer that this content is legally obtained, used and distributed in any and all jurisdictions at any and all times.



Tradebiit provides services “as is” and without any warranties and shall not be liable for any losses related to any instances conflicting with the Customers preferred use of the services. Any dispute between Customer and customer’s business partners is to be settled without involvement of Tradebiit. Tradebiit cannot be held responsible for any losses, lost profit or damages related to disputes between other parties and not held responsible for any situation occurred based on the use of the services of Tradebiit.


Down time

Tradebiit does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted access to our services, and steady operation of our site may be interfered by numerous factors outside our control. Tradebiit can in no cases be held responsible for loss, damages, lost profit or any other financial situation due to inactivity or faulty service.

If Tradebiit is down or has a dysfunction that obstructs, massively delays or generally interferes with the Customer’s preferred use of the service, Tradebiit is obligated to compensate the user 10% of the monthly license cost pr. 1% down time (calculated as any completed and full percentage of the full calendar month). The compensation can never exceed the monthly fee paid by the customer.

The “down time” is calculated from the moment Tradebiit is made aware of the issue in writing and acknowledges the problem. Tradebiit is obligated to acknowledge any such message immediately.



This agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of Denmark. Disputes between Customers and Tradebiit regarding services may be reported to customer support by contacting support@tradebiit.com.