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We need to talk about us ...

The Tradebiit Team

The Tradebiit Mission

“Our mission is to make life easier
for everyone in the flash sale industry“

– Jonathan Vincentz, Co-founder

The Tradebiit Story

It was never a garage in the outskirts of San Francisco. It wasn’t even a cold basement at the parent’s house. It was a group of hard working people from the flash sale industry who felt the pains and problems for both suppliers and sites. The pains of old fashioned zip-files, Dropbox and WeTransfer-links, corrupted Excel files, incomplete campaigns and hours and hours wasted.

Luckily, with the right mindset necessity is the mother of innovation. Tradebiit was born on a beautiful Tuesday morning in wonderful Copenhagen with the humble purpose to make life easier for everyone in the flash sale industry. It was a tough birth but after some 20 months – in December 2016 – Tradebiit was finally ready to launch. After endless testing, iterations and several versions, the platform was now able to grasp pretty much any possible situation encountered by suppliers and sites in their daily work.

Like every toddler Tradebiit is now growing fast. Our baby has gone from hand drawn ideas to development to implementation so fast, and as any proud curling parent we already have big plans for it: Upgrades, improvements and a brand new version 2.0.

Being a young and determined company with a clear mission, Tradebiit possesses the resources to move fast on important user feedback, and we encourage all users to share ideas and help us make Tradebiit even better. After all, we built it for you.

The Tradebiit story is now being written. More and more industry players enter the platform and make life easier for themselves and their business partners.

What about you? Are you in?