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Tradebiit comes in three different sizes. Try the Freemium for a no strings attached introduction to
the platform. Get the Basic for the established supplier or get the Pro for the industry leaders.

  • Freemium


    Priority Support

    Full Video Library

    2 Campaigns/month

    10 Offers/month

    2 Invoices/month

    Try Tradebiit Freemium
  • Basic


    Priority Support

    Full Video Library

    10 Campaigns/month

    50 Offers/month

    10 Invoices/month

    Get Tradebiit Basic now!
  • Pro


    Priority Support

    Full Video Library

    Unlimited Campaigns/month

    Unlimited Offers/month

    Unlimited Invoices/month

    Get Tradebiit Pro now!
Which license is best for me?
  • Tradebiit Freemium is for the supplier who wants to get familiar with Tradebiit. Safe, no strings attached and completely free. If you are curious about the way Tradebiit manages campaigns, what it looks like when campaigns are sent, or if you simply want to check it out before making a decision to go bigger, Tradebiit Freemium is for you.

    Try Tradebiit Freemium
  • Tradebiit Basic is for the established and ambitious supplier. Choose Basic if you regularly send out offers, if you see the value in perfect presentations of your campaigns and if you plan on collecting all campaigns in one system. Choose Basic if you focus on things like time management, percentage of offers accepted and dedicated support.

    Get Tradebiit Basic now!
  • Tradebiit Pro is the big one. Unlimited Tradebiit power, dedicated support, Sales Planner and Reservation Calendar. Tradebiit Pro is for the existing and coming industry leaders with big volume and big ambitions. Choose Tradebiit Pro if you are an international supplier and need full overview of everything at all stages at all times.

    Get Tradebiit Pro now!
Pricing questions
  • Is your website secure? It is very secure. We understand that you put your vulnerable data in our hands and we have built Tradebiit accordingly. For a specified clarification of what we actively do, please request by email.
  • Do I have to commit to a long term contract? No, you don’t. It’s completely up to you. You can pay month by month or choose to get a discount by paying for a full year.
  • How do I pay for my Tradebiit account? We accept bank transfers as well as all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover etc. Once you sign up for an account we will reach out to you for payment options. We are currently working on updating the system so that you can pay on the site.
  • What if I want to upgrade my Tradebiit account? You can always upgrade once you are logged into the system. We will account for your previous payments when you upgrade, and deduct any paid amount from your upgrade price.
  • What if I want to cancel my account? Then you simply close it from Settings inside the platform, or send us an email saying that you would like to close it. We will automatically stop charging you if your account is closed.
  • We are several people in my company who would like to use Tradebiit. How should we set that up? This depends on the setup. Please contact us and we will make it work.
  • I think it’s too pricey. Can I get a discount? You can, actually. If you sign up for one year we will give you a pretty decent discount.
  • What is my expected ROI on this? It depends on your business. Once you are up and running, Tradebiit adds value in several ways: Campaigns are set up considerably faster, are flawlessly presented (meaning higher conversion from offer to sale), contain no mistakes (meaning fewer support cases), and your paperwork flow is generally dramatically optimized (freeing up time to do other things). Only you know your business, so you do the math. But positive ROI will probably be achieved pretty fast.
  • Do I need to register to pay? Yes. You will pay for your account once you have logged in to Tradebiit.
“Our mission is to make life easier
for everyone in the flash sale industry“

– Jonathan Vincentz, Co-founder