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What is Tradebiit?

Tradebiit is a cloud-based B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) platform designed to make life easier for everyone in the flash sale industry. Tradebiit offers a list of tools to handle product data, campaigns and related paperwork for suppliers and flash sale sites.

Tradebiit handles the product data used in campaigns and optimizes the time, complexity, and paperwork related to creation and management of the campaign, as well as the paperwork needed through the campaign life time. In short, a one stop shop that will minimize time spent, data errors and support cases, while providing full overview of product data, campaigns, activities, partners and work flows.

What will Tradebiit do for me?

Tradebiit helps suppliers create and sell campaigns to flash sale sites. Tradebiit lets the supplier control everything in the campaign in an easy and intuitive way, including images, texts, sorting, inventory and prices. When ready, the Tradebiit Offer Launcher shoots out the campaigns as an offer to sites. In that way, the sites always see a beautifully presented campaign. All images matching, all products aligned. Every time.

When an offer is sent, it is received by the site as an email with the most relevant campaign data. This email has a link into Tradebiit (see example under Quick tour). By clicking the link, the site can evaluate the entire campaign right away, instead of spending 2-3 hours setting it up for evaluation.

Tradebiit helps the supplier create, send and manage campaigns all the way from idea to invoice. Tradebiit even comes with a module for handling all the paperwork, providing full overview of all offers and orders. At all stages at all times.

So how do you want to present your next campaign offer? Through sketchy emails from your old Hotmail account with questionable zip files, links and Excel files with images that may or may not match? Or the easy way?

Creating a campaign
When creating a campaign in Tradebiit you will go through the six steps below. These six steps offer different
ways to optimize your campaign and will give you a visual overview and tools that do not exist in Excel. After
completing a step, you can always return and customize even further at a later stage.
  • Upload

    Create your campaign name and upload your original data from your Excel file into Tradebiit. You may create a template if you prefer.

  • Images

    Upload campaign images to Tradebiit and match all products and images. You can manually adjust, rearrange, delete and change images.

  • Sorting

    Sort and rearrange as you prefer. Maybe certain colors are in fashion, maybe you have a higher quantity of certain products.

  • Text

    The text field allows you to customize the descriptions in either each individual product or all at once. Avoid typos and translation mistakes.

  • Prices

    Use Tradebiit's advanced price setting tool as you prefer. Base it on customers, margin or discount preferences. For all or for one. Your call.

  • Inventory

    Manage inventory across customers, campaigns and time spans with real time updates for everyone. Coordinate your inventory flawlessly.

Managing offers

Sending offers as a supplier is a jungle. Zip files, Dropbox links and emailed reservations, maybe even in another language. What about the follow ups? Did you attach the right file with the right price? What about images? Is it the updated folder? Or…

Tradebiit offers a built in Offer Launcher that puts a reference number on every offer and keeps track of it as the offer becomes a reservation, an order and eventually an invoice. The Offer Launcher streamlines and lets you customize your offers as you please. It even sends out the emails for you. And they look better than your old ones.

Having full overview of all offers reduces frustrating time spent on things nobody likes to do, avoids confusion, steers you clear of emails with wrong or inconsistent information and generally minimizes mistakes. A cleaner and faster process that benefits both supplier and sites.

Automated paperwork

Handling offers, reservations, orders, invoices and credit notes can be confusing and time consuming. Tradebiit offers a full overview and lets you generate the files you need at all times with minimum time spent. Nobody likes three months old invoices and you probably don’t even like the tedious job of creating them. Save time, avoid forgotten invoices and optimize your paper flow instantly with Tradebiit.

Or you can do it the old way.

Still with us? Check out what it looks like inside Tradebiit.

Go to Quick Tour